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When it comes to movement, even small amounts of walking can have big benefits. Just five minutes can help you cou

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Plant-based eating is on the rise and for good reason — not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it also has s

3 Ways Walking in a Park Can Boost Your Health

If you can’t decide whether you should walk on a treadmill, on the street or in a park, choose the greener option.

Could Walking Help Lower Cancer Risk?

Here’s a good reason to lace up your walking shoes every day: A regular exercise habit may help to lower your risk

6 Ways to Diversify the Mediterranean Diet

Consistently ranked among the top of the U.S. News & World Report’s annual Best Diets lists, the Mediterranean die


Penny-Pinching Travel Tips for Summer

Penny-Pinching Travel Tips for SummerBeing on a strict budget may mean making sacrifices along the way, but with a little smart planning - and shopping - your well-deserved vacation getaway need not b

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Tips for Traveling With Your DogHeather Loenser, DVM, knows first-hand the joys and challenges of traveling with her dog. She and her family recently adopted a year-old Border collie named Calvin. \"As

Grandparent Getaways

Grandparent GetawaysTrips to take with your grandchildren- \"No parents allowed.\" It\'s not a sign on a kid-only clubhouse, it\'s the first rule of travel for memory-making grandparent/grandchild vacatio

Benefits of a Digital Detox During Summer Travel

Benefits of a Digital Detox During Summer TravelTech safety tips for summer travelDespite your best intentions to take time off for a relaxing getaway, chances are high that you’ll find it difficult t