Cool, refreshing water has been a hot topic on the blog for a few weeks now. The benefits of drinking enough water each day are undeniable, but remembering to hydrate is a habit that can take some time to develop.

MyFitnessPal will let you track your water intake in one-cup increments, but you’ve got to remember to do the drinking—and the logging! But what if you want to log your water in less rigid units of measure? Here are some power-tips to make your water-logging more fluid. (Yeah, I went there.)

myfitnesspal municipal waterIf you’d like more flexibility in your water-logging, try searching the food database for “water – municipal.” The serving sizes available include cups, fluid ounces, grams, and even ice cubes—perfect for logging exactly the amount of water you’ve consumed.

You can also create a custom meal category for Beverages, or even exclusively for Water. Once a custom Water meal is in place, users of our Android or iOS apps can create reminders, and receive push notifications if nothing has been logged to that meal by a specified time of day. (Click here for full details on creating meal reminders.)

I hope these tips help you to stay hydrated. If so, you totally H-2-Owe me one! (Clearly, I can’t resist a good pun! #sorryimnotsorry)

Got any MyFitnessPal user tips of your own for staying hydrating? Share them in the comments below!