Hands-free riding your bike: You’re a daredevil.

Hands-free driving your car: You’re an early-adopter.

Hands-free tracking progress on MyFitnessPal: You’re on your way to success.

Introducing MyFitnessPal Lite, an Amazon Alexa skill available now in the U.S. that puts app functionality at your beck and call.

This new tool employs voice to help make tracking your progress easier. No need to hunt for your smartphone, tap any buttons or use your hands at all. You can log your weight and water intake and get your daily nutrition summary — all by simply speaking up.


Say a simple command to log your weight (e.g., “Alexa, tell MyFitnessPal to log my weight of 170 pounds.”) Similarly, log your water intake (e.g., “Alexa, tell MyFitnessPal to add 5 cups of water.”).


If you want a daily summary, ask and Alexa will tell you. In fact, you can use simple commands to get your nutrition summary broken down by macronutrients, get your weight summary, step summary and more.

Even better, it gives you the push you need to stay the course. For example, if you’re making great progress, it’ll let you know and congratulate you. If you have a streak going, it’ll praise you. It’ll even let you know if you need some extra water or a few more steps to make your day even more successful.


For those with Echo Show or Echo Spot, it even offers visuals so you can see live updates on how you’re doing with caloric and water intake, calories burned and weight.

Often, having that quick check-in can have powerful effects — instead of wondering if you should do something, like drink more water, you’ll know because Alexa tells you just how much water you’ve logged today. If that number is low, you’ll be able to make the proper and necessary adjustments to maintain your journey.


This is just the beginning. Look for additional features and capabilities in the near future to make your experience with MyFitnessPal even more seamless.

If you have Amazon Alexa, start your experience with MyFitnessPal Lite today. Explore what it has to offer and see how it can help you reach new heights.

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Photo Credit: Amazon