As a community, we accomplished so much this year. Believe it or not, we were able to improve on last year and meet our goals despite it being such an unprecedented year. As a community, we lost about 5% more weight than in 2019, logged 14% more meals and burned 9% more calories.

2020 MyFitnessPal Year in Review


In fact, we didn’t make the most of each day, we took advantage of every minute.


Before we kick off 2021 (and who isn’t excited for that?), let’s take a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come — from the millions of pounds lost to the billions of calories burned to the smarter, healthier choices we’ve made.


While bananas make our top-10 most logged lists year after year, we managed to log bananas 60% more than in 2019 — and bacon wasn’t far behind with a 58% increase. Broccoli also got a boost, equal to bread, coming up at 48% more year over year. Check out the popular winners — and losers — in 2020:
2020 MyFitnessPal Year in Review

It doesn’t require a fortune teller to know that gym workouts were down in 2020 and anything that could be done at home or outside would be on the leaderboard. Our users were able to get creative with their workouts and find ways to stay active even if the sofa looked extra tempting.

Speaking of 2020, the pandemic and a few predictable trends, pantry staples skyrocketed, smoothie-making ingredients got a boost, as did frozen chicken and pizza — and social media influenced our consumption as well. We also tried to eat foods that helped boost our immune system and foods that comforted our souls.

2020 MyFitnessPal Year in Review

2020 MyFitnessPal Year in Review

2020 MyFitnessPal Year in Review


Finally, our users aren’t only baking banana bread, they browsed “Recipe Discovery” and logged loads of MyFitnessPal recipes, which are RD reviewed and part of a healthy, nutritious diet. A few of the top 10 include:

  • 3-Ingredient Pancakes
  • Turkey Bolognese With Zucchini Noodles
  • Quick Thai Chicken Skewers
  • 1-Minute Berry Peanut Butter Smoothie for Two
  • Baked Hummus-Crusted Chicken.

Let’s build on this tremendous momentum and tackle yet another healthy and happy year!

Follow your own trends all year long with logging made easier — Meal Scan is now available on iOS.