Meatless Monday: Vegetarian Valentine's Day Feast


Meatless Monday: Vegetarian Valentine\'s Day Feast

To further reduce your Valentine’s Day carbon footprint, why not cook a meat-free feast for your honey?

Valentine’s Day is a time to show our love and appreciation to the ones we love. However, it also tends to be a time when waste is produced at an alarming rate.

Thankfully, we’ve already created a list of ways to green your Valentine’s Day. And to further reduce your Valentine’s Day carbon footprint, why not cook a meat-free feast for your honey? According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), livestock production is responsible for up to 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse emissions. So let’s nix the meat and show Mother Nature we care this Valentine’s Day, too.

On top of the environmental benefits, cooking meatless is also better for our health, cutting our risk of coronary heart disease significantly. It’s true, nothing says, “I love you,” quite like a reduced risk of chronic disease.

And when it’s time to clean up, keep in mind that nearly half of food produced worldwide eventually becomes waste. There are plenty of easy ways to reduce your food waste—on Valentine’s Day and everyday—the key is just doing them.

For a complete meat-free menu, check out “Be Mine, Vegetarian Valentine,” featuring exotic, Moroccan-inspired dishes to please any palate.


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