Plan a Trip to Edinburgh: Inspiration from 29+ Travel Experts


Wanderful Women’s Travel Guides offer a comprehensive resource to start planning your travels. We aggregate helpful travel tips from Women Travel Creators who visit or live in the destination so you can learn from various perspectives. Get started planning your trip with help from the global Wanderful community!

Wanderful Women’s Travel Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Ready to plan a trip to Edinburgh? Start with this women’s travel guide, which highlights places to eat, explore, learn, and meet new friends.

If this is your first visit to Edinburgh, you’re in for a treat! From ancient history to modern art, Edinburgh welcomes visitors from around the world for a wide variety of reasons.

Edinburgh is easily accessible due to its international airport just outside the city. There is also easy train access from throughout England and Scotland, and buses are available to connect visitors from throughout the region.

View of a narrow close with a lamp overhead - tips for planning a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, from Wanderful
Photo credit Amanda Walkins

For solo female travelers, Edinburgh is a fantastic city to explore. With a warm welcome and friendly banter, Scotland is known as a safe and fun destination to explore.

Get all our travel tips for Edinburgh in the links below. We have tapped into our global Wanderful community to gather the resources and insights you need to start to plan a trip to Edinburgh — and elsewhere in Scotland!


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