7 Gym Bag Essentials


7 Gym Bag Essentials

The right gym bag essentials can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining your commitment to fitness. Find out what needs to take top spot on your packing list.

Why spring-clean your gym bag? Whether you hit the gym on a regular basis or you’re considering visiting your local recreation centre for the first time, a well-edited gym bag makes your workout easier and more convenient.
Nontoxic athletic gear
Choosing nontoxic workout clothes can be tricky, but certainly not impossible. Many synthetic or treated fabrics that are stain repellent or waterproof can also be home to potentially harmful chemicals. Check out our article “Detox Your Workout” to find the best options.BPA-free water bottle filled with a sports drink
Many companies have reformulated their water bottles so they don’t include bisphenol A (the notorious hormonal disruptor BPA), but this toxic chemical is definitely still around, so make sure to read labels carefully. When in doubt, opt for stainless steel or glass. Not sure which sports drink to choose? Check out our article “Why You Need a Sports Drink.”Your favourite tunes
Listening to music while you work out improves mood, boosts energy, makes you feel as if your hard work isn’t so hard, and can actually improve your performance. Make a playlist of songs that pump you up, and slip it into your bag so you’ve always got motivation for that extra mile.A skipping rope
Time to tap into your inner kid! Skipping is making a comeback as a fun, healthy, and easy way to get some cardio or simply get warmed up. Plus, skipping ropes might just be the most convenient workout gear: they don’t need to be plugged in, they’re not heavy or awkward to carry, and you can use them indoors and out.Healthy post-workout snacks
Avoid cancelling out your healthy workout with a trip to the drive-thru by making sure you have nutritious snacks with you. Great options include chocolate milk (yes, really!), a banana, or a Greek yogurt.A yoga mat
Not a fan of yoga? Maybe you should be! There’s a type of yoga for every person and just about every health concern, from back pain to anxiety. Learn about what yoga can do for you in our article “There’s a Yoga for That.”
An effective natural deodorant
Whether as prevention or for freshening up post-workout, many of us stow an extra deodorant in our gym bags.  Make sure that “effective” and “safe” go hand in hand, however, because most conventional products contain chemicals. To learn how to find a healthy option for you, check out our article “Don’t Sweat It.”


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