5 Ways to Break Out Of That Fitness Rut!


5 Ways to Break Out Of That Fitness Rut!

If you find yourself doing the same exercises at the gym week in and week out, you may be in a fitness rut. Time to break out!

If you find yourself doing the same exercises at the gym week in and week out, you may be in a fitness rut. Have no fear: it can be easier (and more fun!) than you think to break out and challenge yourself.

1. Sign up for a challenge

Whether it’s as hardcore as a marathon or as fun as a colour run, signing up for a challenge can be a great way to push yourself and set new goals. Plus, if you’ve signed up for a race or fitness challenge, you have the added incentive of accountability—especially if you’ve put down money or raised funds for charity.

2. Join a team

You didn’t have to be a football star in high school to reap the benefits of team sports as an adult. There’s something truly special about working toward a common goal that you just can’t get from running solo on the treadmill. Try out dragon boating, group soccer, or squash—there’s something for everyone!

3. Fuel your body

It’s possible that feelings of tiredness and sluggishness with your workout could be related to a lack of nutrition. Make sure to fuel your body properly to achieve the best performance you can—before, during, and after workouts. Check out our article “Fuel Up” to learn how.

4. Be a kid again

Ever wish you could return to the days of monkey bars and balance beams? Well you can—sort of, anyway. Plenty of outdoor fitness gyms for adults are popping up across the country. While the weather is still warm enough to make use of them, check out a list or search online to find one near you.

5. Buddy up

If you’re struggling to make it out the door to head to the gym, there’s nothing like a preset date with a workout buddy to give you motivation—again, it’s all about accountability! Or, for a more literal meaning of “buddy up,” try partner yoga. 


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