Ready to Walk to School?


Ready to Walk to School?

This October is International Walk to School Month. Join parents and students all over the world as they park the car and grab a comfy set of sneakers instead!

This October, parents all over the world are encouraged to park the car, hang up the car keys, and grab a comfy set of sneakers instead! Join millions of parents and students doing just that on this year’s International Walk to School Month—and reap the rewards!

It’s good for us

We’ve all heard that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week, and the proven benefits are growing. Better mood and self-esteem, improved cardiovascular function, increased insulin sensitivity, and a smaller waistline are just some of the rewards that can be gained.

For those of us who find ourselves skipping the gym, though, hoofing it to school each morning—especially if we’re carrying a backpack over our shoulders—is a great way to put a dent in that number.

It’s good for the kids

Considering the fact that most kids have enough energy to run laps around their parents, it’s no surprise that the amount of exercise they should get each week is higher—which, unfortunately, is an amount most kids don’t get.

However, now’s a great time to change that trend. Research suggests that active kids have better concentration, show more creativity, and are more confident than their less active peers. All this can add up to higher grades and more success in the classroom.

Plus, it’s a great time for some bonding time and to teach young children about traffic safety and stranger danger.

It’s good for the environment

After all, fewer parents driving to schools and fewer cars idling around schools before the bells ring means that fewer emissions get released into the air.  It’s something that’s also great for the wallet, since less driving means less gas money.

So get walking!

Tying on sneakers and hoofing it to school is as easy as a few adjustments to the morning routine. Streamlining that morning routine—packing lunches and backpacks the night before, for example—can lessen that hectic morning scramble and give you that extra 15 minutes needed for a fun morning jaunt.


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