Exfoliate for Your Skin Type


Exfoliate for Your Skin Type

Exfoliating your skin can be a great way to remove dead skin cells, boost radiance and brighten your complexion, and improve the texture of your skin. Find out how to get started!

Exfoliating your skin can be a great way to remove dead skin cells, boost radiance, brighten your complexion, and improve the texture of your skin—not to mention give you a relaxing DIY spa experience.

Wondering where to begin? First things first: what’s your skin type? For an easy refresher, or if you’re not sure, check out the “Skin types 101” sidebar in the alive article “10 Bad Skin Care Habits.”

Dry skin


Those with dry skin may want to start exfoliating no more than once a week at the beginning to see how their skin reacts.

Ingredients to try:

As we get older, our skin often gets drier. If your prime skin concern is aging or dull skin, consider vitamin C as an ingredient—it’s a mild exfoliant that can boost skin’s brightness. Other helpful ingredients include moisturizing and nourishing plant or nut oils.

Oily skin


Exfoliation is usually recommended about once or twice per week for those with oily skin. Acne-prone? Exfoliating is very helpful for blemish-prone skin, but hold off if you’re in the middle of a breakout, as the irritation can make things worse.

Ingredients to try:

Try a product made with nourishing and natural jojoba beads, which allow for mild friction that won’t irritate skin.

Combination/normal skin


Those with combination or normal skin can benefit from exfoliating about once a week.

Ingredients to try:

Since your skin isn’t prone to sensitivity or irritation, you may want to consider a natural fruit acid-based product. Look for products that contain naturally derived AHA or BHA acids.

Sensitive skin


If you’ve got sensitive skin, proceed with caution! The last thing you want to do is irritate your delicate complexion.

Ingredients to try:

An exfoliant with oatmeal or aloe as an ingredient may help soothe sensitive skin. Natural options can be found at well-stocked health food stores. Or, start slow and simple with your favourite creamy and mild natural cleanser and a soft washcloth. It may be all you need!


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