Better Breakfasts on the Go


Better Breakfasts on the Go

Summer is slipping away, but we can still make time for a sunny breakfast – even on the go!

Does anyone really like September? Sure, rust-coloured leaves are pretty, and chilly nights are nice after weeks of sun—but it’s also back-to-school and back-to-routine time. The sight of backpack-toting tots still makes me shudder a little in sympathy.

As summer slips away (taking with it hiking, tennis, and my beloved summer berries!), so can the time for a wholesome breakfast. Fortunately, a no-fuss meal in the morning can help us fall into a happy routine this September—which is, incidentally, Better Breakfast Month.


Stack all your ingredients in a blender the night before (at least, the ones that don’t need to be refrigerated), and these babies take fewer than five minutes to whip up the next morning. And unlike cereal or baked goods, smoothies can be easily adjusted to suit your morning mood. For example, feeling blue at 7 am on Wednesday morning? Brighten up with a blueberry smoothie!

  • Very Berry Hemp Date Smoothie
  • Blue Banana Smoothie and Carrot Mango Delight
  • The Hulk Smash Smoothie

Wrap it up to go

Like smoothies, items that can be wrapped up appeal to my sense of running late … must eat in the car. While I wouldn’t recommend eating and driving at the same time (think crumbs, distraction, and poor digestion), sometimes a quick meal eaten in between doorstep and car is all our morning schedules will permit.

  • Eat Your Protein Breakfast Wraps
  • Omelette to Go!
  • Perfect Pear Muffins

Simple Solutions

Nothing fancy here! If you pressed the snooze button a bit too eagerly and have no time for a smoothie or yummy wrap, don’t let a grumbling stomach do the talking during your morning meeting. Keep the hunger monster at bay by grabbing a

  • piece of fruit, such as a fall-friendly apple or pear
  • handful of unsalted nuts, seeds, or dried fruit—apricots, dates, or raisins
  • cereal bar (preferably with organic, whole food ingredients)

Do you have a go-to breakfast that’s healthy and quick? We’d love to hear your ideas over at Facebook, or tweet us your sunny suggestions @aliveHealth.

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