Awesome Avocados


Awesome Avocados

Avocados are awesome – and new research agrees, linking this odd fruit to fullness after eating and reduced risk of diabetes.

Like dark chocolate, the avocado is a misunderstood creature. Long shunned for their high fat content, avocados have hidden in sushi and other dishes that feature them as sideliners. I say it’s time that avocados are recognized as the nutritional stars they are—and, thankfully, science seems to agree.

Delicious and nutritious

Recent Spanish research—supported by my new favourite institution, the Hass Avocado Board—found that avocados reduce food cravings after meals. Study participants felt fuller after including a fresh avocado in their dinners, even when they consumed the same amount of calories as usual. (Their dinners were probably tastier too, as my unbiased opinion is that avocados make any meal better.)

The study also found that insulin increased less after eating a meal with avocado, suggesting that this strange, underappreciated fruit (yes, fruit!) may also have the potential to reduce diabetes risk. Future research into the benefits—and deliciousness—of avocados is clearly warranted.

Give avocados a go (with breakfast, lunch, or dinner)!

Packed with nourishing fats and nutrients, avocados are a healthy occasional indulgence. Beyond maki rolls, an avocado shines as the buttery belle of the ball in these recipes for smoothies, salads, and snacks.

  • Brazilian Avocado Smoothie
  • Smoky Avocado Spinach Dip
  • Quinoa and Avocado Scram Slam
  • Smashed Avocado Toasts
  • Salmon, Butter Leaf, and Avocado Salad

Do your recipes include the rich flavour of avocado? Pass on your favourite way to eat avocados in the comments below, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter to comment.

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