Ancient South Americans Knew the Benefits of Popcorn


Ancient South Americans Knew the Benefits of Popcorn

Want a healthy snack? Choose popcorn! After all, it’s been around for thousands of years.

If you think that popcorn is one of those classic snacks that’s been around forever, that may not be much of an exaggeration—new research has shown that people in South America enjoyed popcorn 3,000 to 6,700 years ago!

Although our trans-fat and salt-laden, movie-theatre version won’t exactly make the list of the top healthiest snacks, popcorn can be a healthy choice, without sacrificing taste. Popcorn is low on the glycemic index, a whole grain, and it’s high in dietary fibre.

How to make the perfect (healthy) popcorn

  1. Choose certified organic popcorn kernels. This will ensure that you’re not munching on genetically modified corn. 
  2. Use a hot air popper. It will make the popcorn fluffier, you can better control what you add to the popcorn for flavour, and it’s fun! Plus, microwave popcorn bags can be coated with dangerous nonstick chemicals. 
  3. Go beyond the butter and salt—use chili, garlic, or nutritional yeast to pump up the flavour, and try coconut or olive oil to add healthy fats. Feeling adventurous? Add chocolate to make this delicious Dark Chocolate Popcorn recipe.


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